Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or third molars erupt at the back corners of your mouth. They are usually the last four permanent teeth.  They normally appear between 17 to 25 years of age. Though not everyone develops a problem with its eruption, some may experience pain or restricted mouth opening, requiring its removal.

The obstruction prevents the wisdom teeth from erupting into the mouth, either partially or completely and the tooth remains impacted. Impacted teeth can lead to caries, gum problems, infection, and pain. The pain from the third molars can radiate from the gums to the ear, jaw, and side of the face. In most cases, an impacted wisdom tooth causes damage to the adjacent tooth.

Wisdom teeth are the most common teeth that often remain impacted and do not erupt normally into the oral cavity. The reasons range from lack of space, abnormal position of the tooth, abnormal angulation of the roots, to mismatched-tooth-jaw-size.

The Treatment Approach for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The first line treatment option to prevent complications from impacted wisdom teeth removal. This eliminates future complications and possible dental emergencies. Complications from impaction cause tooth decay, gum infections (pericoronitis), jaw swelling, restricted mouth opening, fever and difficulty in swallowing food.

Sometimes it can harbor the disease-causing bacteria, without any symptoms. It is often difficult to exactly predict the type of future problems with impacted wisdom teeth.

We are Way Different!

My Dentist Office is equipped with the latest technologies like 3D Sirona imaging and dental lasers that enable precise, efficient and safe treatment.

3D scans and digital radiographs of the wisdom tooth enables better assessment of the position of the roots, relative to its surrounding structures. This helps in taking the right treatment approach for best results.

Our team of dedicated dental professionals is gentle, friendly and considerate; and make sure that every patient gets the best possible care. We provide our patients with detailed after-care wisdom teeth removal instructions and follow-up with them with reminders (as requested). Read what our patients say about us

We offer wisdom teeth removal under local anesthesia and oral sedation, for a comfortable and worry-free patient experience.

Dr.Ajay Potluri heads the team of experienced dental care professionals in South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale and Langley BC, who are committed to giving their best to their patients. From using advanced technologies, to continue training and upgrading their dental skills, the team of skilled dentists delivers gentle dentistry for the benefit of our patients. Read more about our dentists

At ‘My Dentist in surrey bc’, wisdom teeth removal is performed relatively painlessly, by skilled dentists, with the help of effective local anesthesia and advanced technologies in sedation, laser-assisted dentistry, and 3D Imaging.

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