According to the Canadian Dental Association, oral cancer ranks 13 among all cancers. Oral cancers, if left untreated, have a high mortality. Oral cancers are not associated with pain and do not produce alarming signs or symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose.

Early detection of oral cancer prevents serious deformities resulting from the damage caused by oral cancer itself, or oral cancer therapies. Dental exams play a vital role in preventing the morbidity associated with oral cancers if detected at the early stages.

Oral cancer screening is offered as a part of the scheduled dental exam, for new patients, or it can be scheduled at a separate appointment. Oral cancer screening with Velscope® technology is a non-invasive procedure, compared to traditional detection methods.

Velscope® works with the principle of tissue fluorescence visualization and detects oral tissue abnormalities that naked eyes can miss. Abnormal fluorescence patterns or dull areas indicate an abnormality which requires further investigation.

A few high-risk signs and symptoms of developing oral cancers must not be ignored. These include:

  • Change in the colour or texture of oral tissues such as red, white or speckled patches
  • Chronic non-healing ulcers or sores
  • A lump in the mouth or throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • The presence of bleeding, pain or numbness in oral tissues or ill-fitting dentures.

Velscope® Screening can save your Life!

A routine oral cancer screening with Velscope® can detect the presence of abnormal tissues and is a life-saving exam. It is inexpensive, non-invasive, easy to use and detects the presence of abnormal tissue instantly.

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‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’ in South Surrey is one of the popular dental offices in Vancouver to provide Velscope® for oral cancer screening with digital x-rays and 3D imaging.

Our staff is caring, friendly and considerate in understanding your apprehensions and concerns. At ‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’, we provide detailed care instructions. We follow-up with our patients and send them reminders when requested. Our gentle team at ‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’ offer a comfortable and pain-free experience and appointments for the benefit of our patients.

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Dr. Ajay Potluri’s team skilled in detecting abnormal tissues using Velscope® technology during oral cancer screening. Both of them go to great lengths to educate their patients about the risks of developing oral cancers. They have patients coming from South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale and Langley BC. Read more about our dentists

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