FAQs About Tooth Extraction with Dr. Madhvi Potluri

Extractions Starting at $123 / Tooth

tooth-extractionTooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the bone under local anesthesia. Usually, a tooth is extracted to prevent the spread of infection and avoid future complications. The process of tooth extractions may be simple to complex based on the position of the tooth, the degree of curvature of its roots and the relationship of the tooth to the vital structures in the jaw.

Tooth extraction is the final necessary option when all attempts to restore the tooth have failed or the tooth is damaged beyond repair and cannot be salvaged.

Socket preservation after tooth extraction

To ensure that there is sufficient bone for tooth replacement in the future and to maintain the dimensions of alveolar bone, the socket of the tooth is preserved, using a special atraumatic extraction technique.

This step is extremely important to maintain the integrity of facial aesthetics.

Bone augmentation

During a tooth extraction, the width and density of the alveolar bone are restored by packing the empty socket with bone graft. The correct dimensions of bone make for a successfully fixed prosthesis in the future, with aesthetic gum margins and zero gaps between the gums and bridges.

Teeth need to be extracted when they are non-restorable, such as fractured, deeply decayed, or infected or have broken roots.

Often, whole teeth that are otherwise healthy may also be recommended for removal, as in the case of extra or supernumerary teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, teeth in the line of jaw fractures, teeth associated with cysts or tumors and before or after radiation therapy.

Teeth that are loose, due to gum disease or injury, over-retained baby teeth, teeth that interfere with orthodontic treatment or with the stability or fit of dentures are also removed.

Getting Rid of Pain!

Although the thought of having teeth pulled out is a worrisome one, the actual process is pain-free and has its benefits! Removal of infected and abscessed teeth prevents the spread of infection, relieves pain and discomfort, eliminates the odor of infection and can be life-saving in many cases. Tooth extraction during planned procedures is an inexpensive preventative procedure.

We are Way Different!

My Dentist in Surrey/ White Rock is among the popular dental offices in Vancouver that offers tooth extraction with sedation assisted dentistry and laser-assisted dentistry, for a comfortable and pain-free experience.

‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’ is well equipped with the latest technologies like digital x-rays, 3D imaging, Cerec® CADCAM technologies, 3D printing and offers same day services such as same day dental implants, Cerec® 1 appointment crowns and same day dentures.

Our staff is gentle, caring, friendly and dedicated to providing the best possible care to every patient. At ‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’, we also ensure that we provide detailed after-care instructions following the dental procedure along with the oral hygiene regimen. We follow-up with our patients and send reminders when requested by our patients. Read what our patients say about us

Dr. Madhvi Potluri and Dr. Ajay Potluri have been practicing for over 25 years in South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale and Langley BC. They are known by their patients, to be considerate and skillful in their routine dental practice. The tooth extraction services offered are more precise, efficient, and safe; with due diligence in socket preservation and atraumatic dental extractions.

Tooth extractions are planned after a detailed discussion about the medical concerns and apprehensions of patients, to ensure their safety. Dr. Ajay Potluri and Dr. Madhvi Potluri use advanced technologies and upgrade their dental skills by continuously training and are committed to delivering gentle dentistry for the benefit of their patients. Read more about our dentists

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