Sedation Dentistry in Surrey

Is your dental phobia preventing you from receiving an essential dental procedure? The practice of sedation in dentistry is a wonderful option to provide comfortable and pain-free dental treatment without shots.

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedatives to establish a calm and relaxed state of mind. It enables fearful patients to have a pleasant dental experience.

Oral sedation is a popular sedation technique that helps patients relax and stay calm throughout the procedure. It keeps the patient conscious, safe and responds to the dentist. These pills cause a euphoric effect that dulls the patient’ perception towards the noise, smell and pain.

Sedation dentistry is the most suitable option for people who have a strong gag reflex or are afraid of shots. Sedation dentistry enables complex dental procedures to be completed in fewer visits.

A Pleasant Dental Experience

Oral Sedation makes it easier for patients to tolerate dental procedures that are part of essential dental care. Oral sedation is safe. Patients usually experience increased comfort and have no unpleasant memories of smells, noise or pain. This enables the dentist to perform even complex dental procedures with much ease in fewer appointments.

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My Dentist in South Surrey/ White Rock is one of the popular dental offices in Vancouver, for excellence in dental care. We practice sedation assisted dentistry and use latest technologies like digital x-rays and Sirona 3D imaging.

Our staff is caring, friendly and dedicated to providing the best possible care to every patient. On the request of patients, we follow up and send reminders for dental visits. Read what our patients say about us

We recommend sedation assisted dentistry for our anxious and dental phobic patients. Our sedation dentists in Surrey offers ‘no shots’ procedures in shorter appointments with the latest regimens in oral sedation. This enables a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Dr. Madhvi Potluri offers sedation dentistry in her dental practice in South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale and Langley BC. This enables her patients to experience a safe, comfortable and pain-free dental care.

Dr. Madhvi Potluri has been certified by the renowned DOCS education in sedation dentistry. Read more about our dentists 

Oral sedation, in adjunct with implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental fillings, teeth cleaning and root canal therapies can improve the quality of life for dental phobic patients.

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