Same Day Dental Implants

Compromising on your favorite foods and your dream smile? Is missing teeth, loose dentures or shaky crowns and bridges coming in the way? Same Day Dental Implants has answers to all the above questions. It is one of the fastest ways to regain your best smile, the same day!

The latest advances in digital technologies have changed the way we approach Implant Dentistry; Allowing you to walk out of our dental office in surrey confidently on the same day.

Implant Supported Dentures

We recommend implant-supported dentures for patients without teeth or with loose dentures to anchor them firmly.  Good quantity and quality of the jaw bone is a must for successful dental implants. This helps dentures supported by dental implants to firmly sit over the jaw bone, providing stability.

same day dental implants

Implant-supported dentures are of two types, removable or fixed, that restore the chewing function and facial aesthetics.

Same Day Bridges- white rock dental

Implant supported bridges are one of the best options to replace multiple missing teeth. They provide a stable and aesthetic solution with implant-supported fixed acrylic bridges or implant supported fixed porcelain bridges. These bridges can be supported by same day dental implants that are milled or manufactured using Cerec® CAD/CAM technology.

Single Dental Implants and Crowns

A dental implant acts like a tooth root in replacing a missing tooth. We offer Cerec® 1 Appointment Crowns that can be placed in a single appointment, in the shortest time possible. Same day dental implants and crowns make you leave the office smiling, long after you’ve left our office, day after day.

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Experience the Transformation

We think Same Day Dental Implants are a great way to enhance your smile and help you enjoy your favorite foods. These implants save your time, eliminate the need for multiple surgical procedures and restore your facial aesthetics, all in one day!

We are Way Different!

My Dentist in surrey bc is equipped with 3D Sirona Imaging, Sedation-Assisted Dentistry, Cerec CAD /CAM technology, Guided dental Implant Surgery techniques and Dental Lasers. Our high-tech dental office makes it one of the first dental offices in Vancouver, to provide you with Same Day Dental Implants and Same Day Crowns with a high degree of accuracy, precision, and safety.

Our friendly and well-trained staff make sure your experience at our office is pleasant. We provide personalized treatment to every patient based on the individual’s health history. For those of our patients, who are anxious or apprehensive about dentistry, we offer sedation-assisted dentistry to make their dental experience more comfortable.

We provide instructions on post-operative care for same day dental implants and follow-up with our patients at regular intervals, until recovery. Read what our patients say.

Dr. Ajay Potluri is one of the leading dental professionals in South Surrey/ White rock bc. He has years of training and experience in various types of implant systems, including Same Day Dental Implants.

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At ‘MyDentist @ Morgan Creek’ in South Surrey/ White Rock, we aim to provide our patients with a safe, comfortable and seamless experience.

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