Night Guards

Night Guards – $246 plus lab fee

night-mouth-guardNight guards are devices worn to protect the surfaces of teeth against tooth-wear and injury from teeth grinding. They are also called mouth guards and are commonly used to prevent injury during contact sports, treat bruxism (teeth grinding habit), temporomandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joint) pain, etc. They enable comfortable sleep without obstructing the airway.

Night guards are also used as a part of a few dental treatments such as bleaching or teeth whitening and sleep apnoea. Of the various types of night guards, such as the ready-made, mouth adapted and custom fitted nightguards, the custom-made ones are most comfortable and adapt well to the teeth.

Night guards are required whenever prolonged clenching of the teeth is anticipated or is an involuntary habit, for example, grinding your teeth during sleep, clenching your teeth during strenuous exercise or clenching the jaw muscles when you are feeling stressed or experiencing anxiety.

Guarding your Smile!

Night guards are known to relieve headaches, jaw and facial pains; and prevent chronic headaches, facial and jaw-joint (TMJ) pain or facial muscle stiffness.

Night guards reduce the stiffness of the jaw muscles and prevent tooth wear associated with grinding the teeth, bruxism or excessive clenching. Sports injuries and tooth fractures can also be avoided with the regular use of a nightguard. Dental restorations such as full ceramic crowns and bridges, tooth colored fillings and dental veneers last longer in bruxers since the excessive wear is reduced when the night guards are used regularly.

Sleep improves with the regular use of night guards by reducing the obstruction to the airway and preventing snoring. Night guards are inexpensive, invisible and improve the quality of life when used regularly.

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My Dentist in South Surrey/ White Rock is one of the popular dental offices in Vancouver that offers night guards and many other services related to the correction of bruxism, obstructive sleep apnoea, TMJ pain, chronic headaches and prevention of injuries to the teeth, mouth, jaws and face from contact sports or excessive clenching of the teeth

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Dr. Madhvi Potluri and Dr. Ajay Potluri are well-trained in identifying and preventing the adverse effects of bruxism in the early stages. Dr. Ajay Potluri and Dr. Madhvi Potluri have been successfully treating bruxers and patients with sleep apnoea or TMJ pain with night guards, in their 20-year-old dental practice in South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale, and Langley BC.

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