Laser Dentistry is an innovation that has made dental procedures painless, quick and safe for patients. We apply laser dentistry for various cosmetic and surgical procedures that involve soft tissue shaping and removal.

Different types of lasers are used for treating different types of problems. They are classified as hard and soft tissue lasers based on the type of tissue it is targeted at.

Laser Enabled Dentistry :

Lasers are effective in painless removal of the affected tissues in gum diseases, periodontal diseases, dental abscesses, biopsies, benign tumors, and oral lesions. Lasers are minimally invasive and can effectively repair or regenerate damaged nerves.

Laser Assisted Dentistry :

The use of lasers in teeth whitening, cleaning, and tooth-colored fillings have revolutionized the approach to cosmetic dentistry by reducing appointment time.

Lasers can expose unerupted teeth and re-shape gums in a gummy smile, clean root canal infections, treat dentinal hypersensitivity and even remove tooth decay. We use lasers to improve speech and oral habits, to release the tongue-tie, or for frenectomy during orthodontic treatment.

Dental Lasers: Painless, Safe, Precise

Laser-assisted dental procedures are not only painless but also eliminates the need for local anesthetic shots and minimizes the use of the dental drill. Lasers are an excellent option for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Dental lasers are precise and reduce the possibility of damaging the adjacent tissues. It eliminates the need for stitches, enables faster healing, reduces discomfort and chances of infections.

Laser treatments are faster, done in a very short time, thus reducing the length of appointments. There is minimal bleeding during a laser-assisted dental procedure since the lasers seal the blood vessels during the procedure itself. Patients taking blood-thinning medications can readily choose oral surgeries with dental lasers.

Dental lasers are precise, safe, promote faster healing, virtually painless and quite suitable for anxious patients.

We are Way Different!

My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’ is one of the first dental offices in Vancouver to introduce dental lasers. We use the latest technologies such as digital x-rays and various dental lasers.

Our staff is caring, friendly and dedicated to providing the best possible care to every patient. At ‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’, we also ensure that we provide detailed after-care instructions following the dental procedure along with the oral hygiene regimen.

We follow-up with our patients and send reminders when requested by our patients. Read what our patients say about us. We highly recommend laser-assisted dentistry for our anxious patients. Our gentle team at ‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’ offer ‘no-shot-procedures’ in shorter appointments with the latest dental lasers. Laser dentistry provides a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Dr. Madhvi Potluri and Dr. Ajay Potluri regularly incorporate the use of dental lasers in their routine dental practice in South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale and Langley BC, which enables more precise, efficient and safe treatment.

From using advanced technologies, to continue training and upgrading their dental skills, the team of skilled dentists is committed to delivering gentle dentistry for the benefit of our patients. Read more about our dentists

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