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Many parents are unaware that their kid’s dental health has permanent effects on their general health. The branch of dentistry that deals with the oral and dental care of children from birth to adolescence is known as Kid’s Dentistry or Pediatric Dentistry.

The Canadian Dental Association suggests that your child’s first visit to a dentist should be within six months after the first baby tooth erupts into the mouth. The goal is to prevent dental problems at the earliest possible and maintain good dental health.

Some of the kid’s dentistry services offered at My Dentist in Surrey BC for children are:

Dental Sealants: A thin tooth-coloured material, called dental sealants or pit and fissure sealants is applied over the young permanent teeth as soon as they erupt, to prevent cavities. The dental sealants are also applied to teeth that have deep grooves to avoid trapping food particles and prevent tooth decay.

Baby Teeth Cleaning: The first baby teeth need to be cleaned with a soft washcloth or gauze after every feed. As the child grows, regular brushing twice daily is recommended with a child’s toothbrush using a fluoridated toothpaste.

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride is applied over the surfaces of the teeth, in the form of a varnish or a gel. The fluoride application re-mineralizes the affected enamel and prevents tooth decay.

Mouth Guards: To prevent chipped, broken or cracked teeth and prevent injury to the lips, mouth, and jaws during contact sports, protective guards are placed over the teeth.

Dental fillings: Small cavities are treated with dental fillings. Dental fillings can prevent a small cavity into growing into a larger problem and can prevent toothache.

Dental extractions: Baby teeth that are over-retained teeth or teeth that cannot be restored or repaired can be removed in order to prevent future bite problems and misalignment of the teeth such as crowded teeth or gaps in between the teeth.

Sleep Apnoea Checkups & Correction: Behavioral, adaptive and learning problems associated with sleep disorders can be corrected if detected at an early stage. Untreated sleep apnoea may lead to poor health and cardiac disorders in the future.

Developmental Issues Check-ups: Regular check-ups by your dentist can identify developmental issues or developmental defects and dental problems. Early treatments enable the child to lead a normal life.

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Regular dental check-ups for children enable them to lead a healthy life. Pain-free and healthy smiles boost your child’s confidence and improve their performance at school. By preventing cavities, your child has a chance at improved dental health and overall health; and experience lesser oral infections and fewer missed days at school.

Timely interventions by your child’s dentist can help prevent bite problems, skeletal or postural problems and prevent the need for complex treatments later.

Regular dental exams for children at an early age help establish a friendly relationship with the child’s dental and oral care providers and go a long way in reducing the fear of a dentist’s appointment.

We recommend a routine dental check-up for your child, once every six months and once in every 3 to 4 months, in case there are oral or dental problems that require monitoring.

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My Dentist in South Surrey/ White Rock has been serving the community for over 20 years and many of our pediatric patients continue to visit us as teens and adults.

‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’ is one of the popular dental offices in Vancouver to practice comfortable kid’s dentistry and is well equipped with the latest technologies like digital x-rays and 3D imaging, to correctly diagnose dental problems.

Our staff is friendly, caring, and considerate to the needs of every child who visits us. At ‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’, we ensure that we provide detailed instructions on the home oral care regimen, including on how to clean your baby’s teeth at home. We recognize that every child is unique and customize dental care based on the individual needs of your child.

We focus on preventative measures to help your children lead healthier lives. Our gentle team at ‘My Dentist @ Morgan Creek’ offers no-shots procedures and shorter appointments with the latest technologies for a comfortable and pain-free experience for kids. Read what our patients say about us

Dr. Madhvi Potluri is known to be gentle and empathetic toward her patients. She takes a keen interest in educating the children and their parents on the importance of dental care.

Dr. Madhvi Potluri and the friendly staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care to every child and offer various services for kids such as dental sealants, mouth guards, fluoride treatment, check-ups and corrections for sleep apnoea; and check-ups for developmental issues.

Dr. Madhvi Potluri continuously trains and upgrades her dental skills and is committed to delivering gentle dentistry for the benefit of child patients in South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale and Langley BC. Read more about our dentists

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