Cerec 1 Appointment Crowns:

Tired of spending days and weeks awaiting your dental crowns from the dental office? Here’s a quick solution to get back your smile in a single day with CEREC®1 Appointment Crowns.

We are one of the first dental offices in Canada to fabricate customized ceramic crowns.

The advent of CEREC® System has made possible the completion of several dental procedures in a single appointment.

CEREC® Crowns System has three major components: 

Acquisition device: It includes a high-quality camera and a computer. The camera captures images of teeth from all angles and displays the three-dimensional design on the computer screen. We use this design for milling or 3-D printing of the crown.

3-D CAD Software: A specialized software is used to examine the tooth from all directions to enable a well-fitted prosthesis.

Milling device: This device helps us customize the restoration in a short span of time. We match the tooth color with ceramic blocks and customize it for the individual.

The CEREC® Crown system is clinically applied to customize implant abutments in zirconia and titanium.


CEREC®1 Appointment Crowns – The Best Choice

CEREC®1 Appointment Crowns have multiple benefits, making it one of the best choices for crowns. They are high quality, long-lasting and comfortable. Fewer procedures mean fewer visits, lesser cost, and faster Dental Makeovers! All this comes with a warranty too!

CEREC®1 Appointment Crowns maintain tooth integrity and restore the functionality (chewing) and aesthetics (beautiful smile) immediately. They are biocompatible and lead to longer-lasting gum health.

We are Way Different!

At My Dentist, we use the latest CAD-CAM technologies in diagnostics and treatment planning. We fabricate CEREC® 1 Appointment Crowns that are durable, fit accurately and are produced in a very short time.

We are one of the few practices in Canada to have multiple CEREC® CAD-CAM milling machines and 3D Printing. Our office delivers facially generated treatment plans, dental and smile makeovers in the least amount of time possible

Our friendly and empathetic team of doctors and staff put patients first; and go the extra mile, to care for every patient who steps into our office. For anxious and apprehensive patients, we offer CEREC® 1 Appointment Crowns for more comfortable and quicker process.

We provide instructions on post-operative care for your CEREC® 1 Appointment Crowns and a warranty card based on your choice of CEREC® crown. Read what our patients say.

A team of dedicated, tech-savvy and passionate dentists led by Dr. Madhvi and Dr. Ajay Potluri, ensure you make the right choice.

Both dentists, Dr. Madhvi and Dr. Ajay Potluri are among the leading dental professionals in South Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Cloverdale and Langley BC. Read more about our dentists

At ‘My dentist @ Morgan Creek’ we strive to provide stunning results with a gentle touch. Your smile is our goal, and we’ll give you something to smile about.

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